[Coral-List] Don't be such a coral scientist.

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Make no mistake about it, nobody is limiting scrutiny to the oil 
industry. At the same time it is encouraging to read your pronouncement
recognizing CO2 produced by anthropogenic sources as a primary
forcing behind climate change. Certainly there are many industries
that contribute to the problem and those that you have mentioned
(among others) share responsibility as do all of us who continue to
insatiably consume fossil fuels. That is why a comprehensive strategy
is needed if we are ever to effectively deal with the issue. Of course
recognition and affirmation of the direct causes and threatening effects
of climate change has to be step one. That is why it is so important for
the scientific community (including the marine sciences) to assert
leadership and show unity in calling for the condemnation of the
calculated dissemination of pseudo-science which routinely and falsely
claims to contradict what has come to represent a clear and legitimate
scientific consensus.

I was vexed by a quote in the New York Times attributed to a designer
of a prototype electric vehicle displayed recently at the North American
International Auto Show in Detroit. When asked about the importance
of calling attention to the car’s “green” aspects he responded . . . .

     “We don’t think people care about the science”..

This is what we are up against and why it is so important that we somehow
do a better job affecting conventional wisdom. We have to convince people
to care about the science because as you have said, we all have a lot to
gain and lose and unless the argument suddenly becomes more compelling,
the current body of scientifically-based evidence is not likely to prevail.


Note that I have inserted the word coral into the subject line.
This is to emphasize the fact that this involves more than just
atmospherics. The marine sciences have an important role to
play in designing and promoting solutions to this issue.

Lest we forget - we may have far fewer coral reefs to focus on. 

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>Good Day All,
>I am convinced that global change is real and human produced greenhouse
>gases are a primary effector. I also believe discussions fall short in
>finger pointing. On this list-serve, when we discuss global warming and
>greenhouse gases why do we not ever hear mention of the coal fired utility
>industry which is certainly a major contributor. What about the commercial
>transportation industry, marine shipping industry - what about tourism and
>agriculture. How about the military contribution to all of this? These
>industries all depend upon energy in one form or another. To quote M.
>Risk, "cui bono?" And, every one of these businesses and industries invest
>millions in lobbyist and lobbying efforts to protect their "bono." The fact
>is we all have a lot to gain and loose in this environmental issue, both in
>the near term and long-term.
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