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Long ago (1970s) and far away beyond my usual realm we did a coral reef survey for Hawaiian Electric Power Plant - Kahe Point Hawaii
You got to make it randomized - for the changes in HotCoolingWarm discharge we set out the most probable area of influence and those areas of sand and reef/any reef head >1sqft....then parcelized the whole thing 1sqmtr and then did a progressive taking of parcels = reef 1-15 sqmtr and found we needed 7sqmtr in order to define 90+% of the fauna and flora and then unfortunately not much camera/digital work then we took 100 sets of 7sqmtr - ALL randomally selected and ripped them out - IDed everything - down to Forams and Ostracodes and did the assessment for their first EIR - great project 90 tank hrs.....diving during the day and sorting, IDing, and preserving in the evenning....
Maybe Hawaiian Electric may still have a copy of report...project manager was from USC hancott foundation..

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Interesting results, Bastiaan. Do most of the diving destinations fall in
one or two regions or do you think they represent well enough the coral
reefs around the world?

Helder I. Pérez

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> Dear coral listers,
> First I would like to thank all the coral listers who (already) contributed
> a survey, thank you! Right now I have 115 surveys. I was wondering whether
> some people might be interested in the inititial results. If you send me an
> email I will be happy to provide the data I have right now.
> One interesting result I found is that while we talk about the coral reef
> crisis nearly all divers still consider the diving destinations in good
> shape. On a range of 1 to 5 with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best the
> average rating divers gave for diving destinations was 4.28. Of course the
> survey data is not random and it could be that right now I am attracting
> the biggest optimists but I still think it raises some interesting
> questions. Also not every destination had coral reefs but definitely the
> majority.
> If you would still like to contribute a survey or you know someone who
> would like to then you can find my survey here..
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFVTMENIbWhSanNxRVJQaS1vSUgxbXc6MQ
> Regards,
> Bastiaan Vermonden
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