[Coral-List] Indo-Pacific reef survey suggestions?

Jean Pearson pearson.jeand at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 02:29:44 EST 2012

 Subject: Indo-Pacific reef survey suggestions?


I am currently working with a marine conservation NGO on Mafia Island,
Tanzania. We are trying to update our survey methods (inverts,
benthic, reef/commercial fish) and would like to use a standardized
reef survey methodology (either global, or within the indo-pacific) in
order to collect more useful data.  I have looked at Reef Check as an
option but was wondering if there were any others out there we should
consider. We have volunteers that come out for 4-10 weeks at a time
and many are new divers so the methodology has to be pretty straight
forward for them to be able to help us collect data. I have limited
internet access here now so thought I would see if anyone had any
ideas or suggestions rather than searching through everything online.

My email is Pearson.JeanD at gmail.com if you would email me directly
with any suggestions.

Thank you,
 Jean Pearson
Assistant Research Officer
Frontier Tanzania Marine

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