[Coral-List] Underwater sculptures

Jorge Luis Perez-Moreno jorge.perezmoreno at uqconnect.edu.au
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I have dived there numerous times and it doesn't seem to be working very well for coral restoration. Except for some encrusting hydrozoans, other cnidarians are not really settling there. A couple of acroporiids were attached here and there but growth has been minimal and guessing from what I've observed there has been some mortality of those attached corals too.

It seems to be a very efficient macro-algal farm though!



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The photos taken at the Musa site speak for themselves but to be fair,
it could be considered a question of opinion. Coral restoration or an
algae garden?

For those who value opinions; If I wanted to grow weeds, I would plant
at that Musa site. If I wanted to grow coral, I would look for an
alternative solution.


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