[Coral-List] Underwater sculptures (Todd Barber)

Chad Scott marineconservationkt at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 05:54:16 EDT 2012

I think it is such a shame to see these amazing sculptures so covered in
macroalgae. I was really impressed when seeing the original pictures taken
shortly after the sculptures went down. Although I agree with most of your
points about the different stages of succession that artificial reefs go
through, I must say that this amount of algae should not be considered
'normal'. There is a problem here that definitely should be adressed.

I have assisted or led the deployment of dozens of various artificial reef
structures in the Gulf of Thailand (very high in nutrients) over the last 6
years, and have never had any of the sites become so developed in

How far away from a natural reef are these structures? Because it seems
from the pictures that no herbivores fishes are present. Generally when we
deploy sculptures or coral nurseries we will simultaniously deploy fish
nurseries to provide some some complex habitat and encourage herbivores
fishes to move into the site.

Also, how regularly are people going to maintain the site? Most people
really underestimate the man hours needed to properly take care of
artificial reefs until they develop to similar stages as the natural ones.

Good luck to both you and Jason in your efforts, this is still a really
great project and I hope that it will eventually end in even greater

Chad Scott
Marine Project Coordinator
Save Koh Tao Marine Branch

Program Director
New Heaven Reef Conservation Program


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