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I find the article by Bob Lackey entiteled "Science, Scientists, and Policy Advocacy" (Conservation Biology Volume 21, No. 1, 12–17) to be a good read on this topic.

The first paragraph of the Introduction:

"I am concerned thatwe scientists in conservation biology, ecology, natural resources, environmental science, and similar disciplines are collectively slipping into a morass
that risks marginalizing the contribution of science to public policy. Advocating personal positions on ecological policy issues has become widely tolerated as acceptable
professional behavior and is even encouraged by a substantial fraction of the scientific community (Marris 2006; Scott et al. 2007). Scientists are uniquely qualified to participate in public policy deliberations and they should, but advocating for their policy preferences is not appropriate."


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For those interested in the interphase of science vs. advocacy, the following reading about research on this topic may be of interest: http://www.eenews.net/gw ("Scientists struggle with limits- and risks- of advocacy")..
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