[Coral-List] Remote monitoring of coral reefs, an online toolkit for managers, scientists and technicians

Chris Roelfsema c.roelfsema at uq.edu.au
Sun Jul 15 09:25:20 EDT 2012

Hi All

At the International Coral Reef Symposium, the mini symposium on Remote Sensing of Coral Reef Environments was very well attended. Thanks for attending, presenting and charring, it was a great symposium, and I like to follow up with some information tools that could be  of interest to you.

The Biophysical Remote Sensing group at University of Queensland has created a free online Marine Remote Sensing Toolkit with the aim to show managers, scientists and technicians working in marine environments how images collected from satellites and aircraft (remote sensing) can be used to map and monitor environmental features or processes and their change over time.

See for instance: http://ww2.gpem.uq.edu.au/CRSSIS/tools/rstoolkit_new/html/marine/marine_environment.html

The toolkit is ongoing research tool which we hope to update with the latest approaches (e.g automated classification), techniques and platforms (e.g. automated underwater vehicles, SONAR) such as presented at the International Coral Reef Symposium in various mini-symposia. The toolkit is not attempting to be fully covering every option available but it is a start to communicate the available techniques and potential resources for further information.

If you interested to add information or other please feel free to contact me.


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