[Coral-List] Are coral reefs really doomed?

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In response to Alina's point (below): we indeed have come quite a long way since 2001. Emissions rates in China are increasing, but they are decreasing for many other nations (the US, Canada, across Europe and S America, etc). http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2011/jan/31/world-carbon-dioxide-emissions-country-data-co2

Green technology, economies, the deployment of renewables, etc have advanced enormously over the last decade. Yes, CO2 emissions have not stabilized or declined and we need to get to stabilization in the next decade, but I think there is a chance we will. (not promising anything here…)

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> So the question then is, are we anywhere closer to coming to global agreements about control of greenhouse gas emissions now that we were 11 years ago (2001 Coral-List thread)? I do not think that the treaties signed since then indicate any progress. As some have already pointed out, the rates of greenhouse emissions have increased in past few years, the ice caps and glaciers are melting faster than models predicted, more species have gone extinct, etc. It's not just coral reefs that are in trouble, many terrestrial systems, especially the high latitude ones, are in just as bad a situation. I hope the optimistic powers that will make all of this reverse and go away start working doubly fast!
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