[Coral-List] Are coral reefs really doomed?

rnharag rnharag at uol.com.br
Wed Jul 18 22:24:43 EDT 2012

Hi Douglas,

I apologize for my English, it isn't my native language

Congratulations on your explanations but I would like to put that we can
have choice and HOPE! for coral reefs,  especially those who are protected
in areas such as MPA.

To avoid the risk of coral bleaching caused by global warming, must be
applied the harmonization process that we have been tested since March/2012.

With the MPA protected from the effects of global climate change, coral 
and marine life will have its resistance and capacity to adapt strengthened.
(more details in www.coralsurvival.com.br).

I believe that so coral reefs and marine life will have the necessary time
to wait for the rebalance of our Planet.

It just depends on the decision to do what is necessary.

Ricardo Haraguchi
rnharag at uol.com.br
rnharag at coralsurvival.com.br

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