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While I was reading the newest Six Americas study last night, this
jumped out at me: 

"If 90 percent of climate scientists were to state publicly that global
warming is happening, 66 percent of the Concerned, 58 percent of the
Alarmed, and 48 percent of the Cautious say that it would increase their
level of concern about the issue. Only 18 percent of the Dismissive,
however, say their concern would increase, consistent with their
distrust of climate scientists."

The questions that were posed in this latest study are probing, and the
results are illuminating. A pdf of the report can be obtained here:

I do believe that the coral scientist consensus is the exact thing that
our world needs right now, in order to proceed toward a sustainable
outcome. I applaud those scientists who have signed and are making their
voice heard.

Jess Reese

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At the risk of being unscientific...maybe the Coral List shouldn't be
involved in advocacy.

Perhaps I need to understand better where the science ends and advocacy
begins, because maybe these are two separate functions. Yes, successful
advocacy needs to be based on good science...but it needs more social
socio-economic skills to be effective. The people living on our islands
don't begin to understand the science behind resilience, for
they can be educated to understand the need to close areas of reef to
protect future fish stocks. 

In a recent post, Doug Fenner ended with the following statement: 

"I submit that we have NO choice but to save the coral reefs, and in
humanity can do it, if it decides to."

The whole problem is that our political leaders probably WON'T decide to
it, or at the least will continue to prevaricate until it is too late
(Rio+20?). Science might tell us we could and should, but science isn't
advocacy, and that is where we are failing.

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"The bottom line of the Millenium Assessment findings is that human
are depleting Earth's natural capital, putting such strain on the
environment that the ability of the planet's ecosystems to sustain
generations can no longer be taken for granted."

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Coral-List is hardly a forum of advocacy. As a outside observer, I have
often been frustrated by the lack of assertiveness exhibited by the
scientific community in confronting the clear and distinct issues
threatening coral reef systems around the world. From my perspective,
fact that some find recently posted comments too subjective is somewhat

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>> Thank you Christopher Hawkins. We share the same concerns. I have 
>> stood by and watched as the coral-list was taken over by advocacy 
>> groups. Gene
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