[Coral-List] Science and advocacy

Gene Shinn eshinn at marine.usf.edu
Fri Jul 20 11:18:29 EDT 2012

Roger,  I too think the coral list team has done a great job. It has 
changed considerably since it started. It was originally for 
scientists to communicate...now it is more political and there is 
advocacy..But look around! Hasen't everything become more political? 
I have done research that some would consider advocacy. For example. 
I spent many years doing ground water research in the Keys that was 
driven by the issue of sewage disposal. The issue was highly 
politically charged and remains so. Politics caused the money to be 
available but at the same time I was coring the reefs and keys and 
learning more about the geology, tidal pumping, and  why reefs grew 
in some places and not others. That was good basic knowledge that we 
published and even won a best paper award  for the scientific 
information we uncovered. Everyone involved got what they wanted. Our 
work had a lot to do with the sewage systems now being installed in 
the Keys.  And of course a private company is making money installing 
it. NOAA and EPA can take credit..Everyone is happy but the human 
population and number of boats and divers in the keys keeps rising. 

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