[Coral-List] New York Times op-ed piece - thoughts for Phase II

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 22 21:42:51 EDT 2012

   It is with great interest that we should consider the exchange between Alina
   and Ove

   because therein lies our salvation.

   I  believe  that Ove is spot on to point out that "seemingly immovable
   ideological positions

   will fall away if only because it will become increasingly uneconomic not to
   shift towards renewable energy sources. In this regard, individuals and
   organisations that are pumping

   money into gas and coal infrastructure today are probably doing so at great
   risk to their


   But Alina counters by pointing out "The truth is that the human species
   seldom responds

   to a problem until after a disaster happens, seldomly as a preventative".

   So can we patiently wait until the economic realities ultimately tip the
   balance in favor of renewables or will such moderation doom our coral reefs
   along with other vulnerable ecosystems?

   Alina reminds us that it is critical to "educate sufficient people about
   this and get our leaders to make wise choices and that it will take more
   than  a  panel  of  experts at a meeting attended by a couple thousand
   people". Ove's solution is to suggest to his fellow scientists that "not
   only should we continue to expand our interaction with the mainstream media
   but we must also focus on capturing hearts and minds of hundreds of millions
   through effective social media campaigns and other mechanisms. Only then
   will we have the chance to speed up the transition that desperately needs to

   I say to that . . . . please listen.

   Thank you both and . . . amen.

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