[Coral-List] Logo wanted - IUCN Coral Specialist Group

David Obura dobura at cordioea.org
Mon Jul 23 14:19:59 EDT 2012

Dear listers ...

The IUCN Coral Specialist Group, under the Species Survival Commission, has been established in the last few years and we are slowly building up some activities to try and complement the immense diversity of projects being undertaken on coral and reef conservation already.

We are being strongly encouraged by IUCN to have a Specialist Group logo, so bing un-artistic myself, I thought to open this up to the coral community for suggested logos. If you're interested in designing a logo, or can pass this message to someone who might be, please get in touch with me directly, and I can send you the set of existing logos for IUCN Specialist Groups, to have some consistency in form.

No payment or other form of compensation can be offered. The designer of the selected logo will of course be credited for the artwork, but will hold no copyright on the image, which would become the property of the Coral Specialist Group.

Please get in touch!!


David Obura
Chair, IUCN Coral Specialist Group

CORDIO East Africa
#9 Kibaki Flats, Kenyatta Beach, Bamburi Beach
P.O.BOX 10135 Mombasa 80101, Kenya
www.cordioea.org       //      www.iucn.org/cccr
Mobile: +254-715 067417
Email: dobura at cordioea.org; davidobura at gmail.com
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