[Coral-List] Abstracts for AGU 2012 due August 8th please consider submitting to our session, OS045: Understanding Ocean Acidification Using Multi-Source Data

David Kline dkline0 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 17:20:24 EDT 2012

Please consider submitting your abstract to our session (OS045:
Understanding Ocean Acidification Using Multi-Source Data) at the upcoming
AGU conference in San Francisco, CA from December 3-7, 2012. The deadline
for abstract submission is August 8, 2012 so please consider submitting
your abstract soon.

A link to our session and the session description is below:
OS045: Understanding Ocean Acidification Using Multi-Source
*Sponsor:*Ocean Sciences

   1. *Hernan Eduardo Garcia*
   hernan.garcia at noaa.gov
   2. *David Kline*
   dkline at ucsd.edu
   3. *Libby Jewett*
   libby.jewett at noaa.gov

  *Index Terms:*
 [1916] INFORMATICS / Data and information
[4203] OCEANOGRAPHY: GENERAL / Analytical modeling and laboratory
[4262] OCEANOGRAPHY: GENERAL / Ocean observing
[4273] OCEANOGRAPHY: GENERAL / Physical and biogeochemical

"Understanding the impacts of ocean acidification (OA) requires a
multidisciplinary approach across multiple temporal/spatial scales to study
how ecosystems respond to changing ocean chemistry. We seek abstracts for
OA research and data syntheses that connect past, present, and future ocean
chemical changes to impacts on marine ecosystems using data from
laboratory/field experiments lasting 1 month, coastal/ocean monitoring
programs using various sensors/platforms, models, and rely on information
stewardship. Federal agencies are collaborating to improve access and
discovery of quality controlled OA data. We hope that this session will
reveal how PIs integrate information and where effort must be expended to
improve the process."

We look forward to receiving your abstract.
David Kline

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