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Dirk Petersen d.petersen at secore.org
Tue Jul 31 15:07:34 EDT 2012

The SECORE Foundation www.secore.org is a non-profit organization to support
coral reef conservation through research, education, outreach, and


In collaboration with the CARMABI Foundation, the Curacao Sea Aquarium, and
the University of Amsterdam, the SECORE Foundation is carrying out a
multiannual coral restoration research project focusing on the endangered
Caribbean Acroporas and other coral species. As part of this project, we
host an Acropora spawning field workshop from July 31 until Aug 10. 


You are invited to follow this field workshop and the coral spawning
observations through our weblog with daily updates at 




Become a fan on Facebook www.facebook.com/secore to receive regular updates
on this event.


The SECORE Coral Restoration Project in Curacao is funded by NOAA, the Green
Foundation and the Clyde and Connie Woodburn Foundation. We would also like
to thank our local supporters curious2dive.com <http://www.curious2dive.com>
and atlantisdiving.com <http://www.atlantisdiving.com>  .


On behalf of all participants and partners,


Dirk Petersen and Mike Brittsan




Dr. Dirk Petersen

SECORE Foundation

Arensburgstr. 40

28211 Bremen


 <mailto:d.petersen at secore.org> d.petersen at secore.org

 <http://www.secore.org> www.secore.org 


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