[Coral-List] Subject: 82 Corals Status Review under the US Endangered Species Act (reply to Fenner)

David Fisk davefisk at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 12:31:34 EDT 2012

I am surprised no one in government or more management-oriented positions
have replied to Eugene's reasonable question. Of course, listing coral
species will do nothing to prevent natural forces that may be driving
species depletions, but having a legislative tool like an endangered
species listing for planners and government decision makers, means that if
they have the political will, they can minimise or better control
anthropogenic impacts that are also pushing species to extinction. Clearly
this tool will only be effective if anthropogenic disturbances are having a
significant impact (cf natural forces) in that location. It would be only
part of the solution but it can be helpful if used, but I don't think that
having such a listing means we can all sit back and feel good about the


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