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Joe, The distinction as you suggest is that Gorgonia flabellum is typically flattened at right angles perpendicular to the long axis of the fan, whereas G. ventalina is more compressed. That said, the G. flabellum fan may exhibit a more flattened appearance in different areas of its distribution. When the eyeball method fails, spicules and statistics are all that remain.
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Subject: [Coral-List] Gorgonian Sea Fan Identification
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Dear Coral Listers

I'm a MSc student studying the Aspergillosis?disease in Gorgonian sea fans in the Cayman Islands. I'm having a lot of difficulty distinguishing between G. ventalina and G. flabellum, I know there is a difference in the branch structure but am unable to identify this difference underwater. I wander if anybody has any handy tips for aiding the identification of the two species?

Thanks and regards

Joe Marlow??

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