[Coral-List] 82 Corals Status Review under the US Endangered Species Act

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By the way,  "NOAA Invites Comment on Coral Status Review Report and Draft Management Report; Dates for Listening Sessions, Workshops Set"


The documents are available open-access on this website.  This is chance to read and find out what it is all about and what the expert panel reported, and to make your views heard by submitting comments if you wish.  I suggest downloading and reading the executive summary first, since it is much shorter and easier to digest.  After that you would likely have a much better idea of whether you want to read the full document.  This is very educational material, good chance to learn a lot.    Cheers,  Doug

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  Jennifer, Thank you for clearing up some details in my posting. I 
know this whole affair is a burden you folks have to endure.  I want 
to mention that the quotes in my rant are exact quotes from e-mails I 
received from you folks some time ago. "Closed meetings" was the term 
used back then. I added the word "secrete" in my writing for 
emphasis. . Here is the exact quote again ("The Florida State 
Sunshine Law has no applicability to our action since this is a 
federal team.  I am sorry, but we must maintain closed meetings to 
keep the team FACA exempt." )

     Much of this process was happening while I was a government 
employee so it was not possible for me to attend all the preliminary 
meetings. Incidentally I was told the  dates for the Nova meeting is 
June 27 (for science presentations) and June 28 (for public 
discussions). Once again I do appreciate the pressures you must be 
under to comply with the CBD petition.

I noticed in todays posting that you said,

"The designation of areas as critical habitat does not create a closed area,
marine protected area, refuge, wilderness reserve, preservation, or other
conservation area; nor does the desgination affect land ownership. Federal
agencies that undertake, fund, or permit activities that may affect
designated critical habitat areas are required to consult with NOAA
Fisheries Service to ensure that their actions do not adversely modify or
destroy designated critical habitat."

    So what does listing really accomplish? Gene

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