[Coral-List] ECOBIOBALL??

jkrumholz at gso.uri.edu jkrumholz at gso.uri.edu
Tue Jun 19 16:23:09 EDT 2012

Hello all,

While I agree with previous posters on two points 1) the fish don't need
any more food, especially with all the N and P the golf courses put in the
ocean and 2) it's a bit of a 'greenwashing' attempt...

I am hesitant to immediately condemn the idea of taking (small) steps
towards being more sustainable.  People are going to go to resorts to
golf.  And golfers are going to hit lots of balls in the water. 
Traditional golf balls probably have a near infinite life in seawater, and
could pose a further threat to marine life by being tossed around in
storms, because they're not that negatively buoyant.  A biodegradable golf
ball (even without, or rather, preferably without the fish food) would be
taking a (very small?) step towards mitigating the impact of the activity
on the environment, and every small step counts.

 You can't walk unless you first learn to crawl.


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