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Sun Jun 24 09:34:52 EDT 2012

Apologies to dredge up this topic having thanked everyone for their
responses.  But I thought I might give some more details as it may prove
useful to make the discussion more focused and specific to where the balls
may be used (nothing is decided yet so it may not happen) but then again
everything may already have been said!

There is no golf course, the resort guests would be driving off from the
beach into the sea, a bay in fact where there is a coral reef popular with
snorkelers.  The snorkelers will not be snorkelling in the line of fire
however!  Due to there not being a golf course the implications of
fertilisers are not present.  So the impacts are really from the balls
themselves and I don't think they will be used in huge numbers.  Then the
other issue of changes in behaviour and attracting fish and then other
fish who may be attracted by the other fish....

At certain times of year there can be strong wave action within the bay so
one concern is the number of balls that will just get washed straight back
onto the beach as they do not sink straight away!  But that is less of an
issue for this discussion really, apart from littering.

So I wasn't sure if the discussion need go any further as I have many
valid points from before but I just wanted to point out there was no golf
course involved.

Kind regards
Abbie Hine
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"In the end we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we
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