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The "bird poo" post reminds me of the GBR story of the floating platform installed next to the famous heart-shaped patch reef, for the convenience of tourists flown in by helicopter... this attracted birds and caused eutrophication and excessive algal growth of the reef from guano.  Consistent with my work in the RMI, these reefs (at least the oligotrophic ones) are telling us they need very clean water.
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   Como estas?

   I tend to agree with Sarah, especially on the reinforcement of bad behavior
   point. I would posit that it is never a good idea to teach humans that it is
   ok  to throw stuff into the sea, whether it be a board, plastics, iron
   filings or fish food in any form. As far as bird poop, have you ever seen
   what  happens to it when it hits the water, it kind of falls apart and
   disperses quickly, unlike a pseudo golf/fish food ball which I suppose would
   sink intact and be an unsightly gooey mess on the bottom. Bird poo which I
   think is a naturally occurring part of the system that I do not think it is
   usually artificially introduced by people and that perhaps is the bigger
   point. How can you compare these 2 things?

   Also, what does fish hooks have to do with this topic? Why bring it up? FYI:
   I  am  vehemently  against  throwing  anything into the sea other than
   retrievable fishing gears, and even some of them I despise.

   ...and isn't bringing up something that happened in Rio, a lot like bringing
   up Bill and Monica while discussing drilling for oil in the Artic Wildlife

   Your using the "drop in the bucket" metaphor brings something else to mind
   for  me,  indeed  an idea that I do not subscribe to: "The solution to
   pollution is dilution." Was that your take home message?

   Perhaps with the distractive rabbit trails you ran down, your irrelevant
   comparisons and poorly placed metaphors I missed your point, if I did would
   you please clarify for me. Thanks!

   Blue skies,


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   >Come on Sarah..this is all so silly. Of course run off of fertilizers
   >used on sea side golf courses is a source of nutrients. Now compare a
   >one inch diameter sphere of fish food with the poop one seagull drops
   >on the reef every day! The term "a drop in the bucket" comes to mind.
   >Be happy the ecobioball does not have a fish hook attached. Has
   >anyone looked closely at the reports of the recent Sustainability
   >conference that just ended in Rio? Those greens flown in from around
   >the world were really living the high life while the champagne
   >flowed. Talk about hypocrisy! Next it may be baseball. Certainly that
   >sport "will re-inforce a destructive behavior in people" Come on. Gene
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