[Coral-List] International Society for Reef Studies (ISRS) - Membership Reminders

Rupert MCI rupert.ormond.mci at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 06:20:21 EST 2012

Dear All,
This is a reminder to International Society for Reef Studies (ISRS) 
members (_and all who may be interested to join us_), to please send in 
their subscriptions for 2012.
Note that membership is on an annual calendar basis, so that you will 
need to rejoin for 2012, even if you only paid your 2011 membership dues 
in mid 2011
You can now do this most easily by email (which will also save the 
society postage costs):

_Simply list clearly in the body of the text:_
Name (and title)
Work Address
including post code and country
Home Address
Work telephone
Home telephone
email address

_Also state clearly which category of membership you are requesting:_
Standard individual membership:  $95 per year
Student membership:  $25 per year
Family membership:  $115 per year
Sustaining membership:  $200 per year

_In addition you need to provide your credit or debit card number._
It is recommended that for added security you give details of a card for 
a supplementary account, rather than for your main personal account!
Or if you prefer, you can fax this number or phone Kay Rose at Allen 
Press in Kansas, USA who handles the membership records.
Her email address is: *krose at allenpress.com*
Her numbers are:
phone: *0(01) - 785 - 865 -9402 *
fax: *0(01) - 785 - 843 - 6153

*Or you can still, if you prefer, use the form provided on the society's 
website, or included with copies of the society's journal Coral Reefs, 
and scan and email it, or post it with a check or bankers draft to: *
The International Society for Reef Studies
P. O. Box 1897
Lawrence, Kansas, 66044-8897, USA
The benefits of membership are detailed on the society's website at: 

*With thanks,
Rupert Ormond, Corresponding Secretary, ISRS

/Prof. Rupert Ormond, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

<mailto:krose at allenpress.com>

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