[Coral-List] DNA of cultured Zooxanthellae

Carla Zilberberg carlazilber at yahoo.com.br
Fri Mar 2 13:24:10 EST 2012

Dear listers,

I need to develop microsatellites for Palythoa caribbaeorum and Madracis 
decactis to look at population structure along the Brazilian coast. We 
will try to bleach the colonies (thermal stress)  in order to get only 
the animal DNA. However, in order to be certain that we will develop 
micsats for the animal we need to check against a pure zooxanthellae 

At this momment I have not found anyone here in Brazil that has been 
culturing zooxanthellae in order for me to test the micsats. Does anyone 
has any input on how could I get a DNA extraction (or even the cells 
fixed in ethanol) of cultured zooxanthellae (clades more common in the 
Atlantic A, B and/or C) or does anyone have any better ideas on how can 
we be sure that we will develop micsats for the animal and not for the 

Thank you very much in advance!



Dra. Carla Zilberberg
Departamento de Zoologia
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
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Rio de Janeiro, RJ, CEP 21941-590
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