[Coral-List] Effects of logging pond on adjacent coral reef

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We work with the Tehakatu’u tribe in East Rennell island in the Solomon Islands.

At the tribes request we visited in 2009 and helped them decide where best to establish a no-take MPA. This MPA is now well respected by the community and forms part of an overall management plan for the tribes marine resources.

An application for logging has recently been submitted to the Solomon Islands government, covering the Tehakatu’u tribal land and a large adjacent area that also incorporates the East Rennell World Heritage raised atoll lake. 

Within the application is mention of a log loading facility and log pond. The loading facility and log pond are about 1 mile up current from the MPA. 

There is supposed to be an EIA before final sign off of the application. This is unlikely to have much effect however we feel that it is important for us to support the Tehakatu’u tribe by alerting them to the possible detrimental effects of the logging so that they can put in a good submission to the EIA. 

We are seeking information on the effects on the adjacent ecosystem of the tannins and so on that will be released from the logs.

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