[Coral-List] New papers on MPAs and the future challenge of conservation

Camilo Mora cmora at dal.ca
Sat Mar 10 02:32:08 EST 2012

Dear coral list:

I would like to advertise a coupled papers that were published last  
year about MPAs, which are freely available in the link below. They  
are an attempt to see why MPAs fail and provide a broader overview of  
the challenge ahead protecting coral reefs and other ecosystems.


Mora C, Sale P (2011) Ongoing global biodiversity loss and the need to  
move beyond protected areas: A review of the technical and practical  
shortcoming of protected areas on land and sea. Marine Ecology  
Progress Series 434, 251-266.

Mora C. (2011) Effectiveness of the global network of marine protected  
areas. In Claudet J. (ed) Marine Protected Areas: A multidisciplinary  
approach, Cambridge University Press. p 334-346.

And a version in Spanish is also available:

Mora C. (2011) Pueden las áreas protegidas del mundo revertir la  
pérdida de la biodiversidad? La respuesta rápida es NO! In Madrinan S,  
Sanchez, JA. (ed). Biodiversidad, Universidad de Los Andes Press.

Apology for usurping the list for advertising sake!.

All the best,


Camilo Mora, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Geography, University of Hawaii Manoa
2424 Maile Way Honolulu, Hawaii 96822 USA
Phone: (808) 956 7093

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