[Coral-List] Exallias brevis feeding scars

BRUCE CARLSON exallias2 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 00:59:07 EDT 2012

Stephan Moldzio's question regarding the round bare patches on Millepora prompted a reply from me that I believed they were made by the spotted coral blenny, Exallias brevis.  That in turn led to several people writing directly to me for more information.  Since this fish is not well known, and since I have never published my data and photos (but I intend to!), I thought that it would at least be worthwhile to post some images of this fish on YouTube.  Every coral biologist working in the IP region should recognize the feeding scars that this fish can make.  I have a suspicion that some reports of disease or spotty bleaching may in fact simply be feeding scars from Exallias.  

Here is the link:


Bruce Carlson

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