[Coral-List] coralreef-freeforall very active discussions on reefs

Douglas Fenner douglasfenner at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 18 19:25:17 EDT 2012

For those who haven't checked the "coralreef-freeforall" discussion group, I thought I'd let you know that after a long initial period with very few messages, it has really taken off in the last couple of months.  Recent threads have included the question of whether most reefs had near 100% coral long ago before the decline began, and whether most reefs now, including in the Pacific, have lost most of their coral.  Another thread going now is whether Caribbean reefs are more dominated by sponges than corals and whether acidification will favor them.  A new message by Mike Risk has started discussion of a variety of points about whether models are worthless or useful, whether any models that don't include bioerosion, nutrients and sediment are worth anything and whether reef studies are too dominated by ecologists who don't know how to measure bioerosion, sedimentation, etc.
     There are now more discussion posts about coral reefs being posted on coralreef-freeforall than on coral-list.  There are some lively discussions on reefs going on, on freeforall.  So I suggest to those who might find that interesting, to give it another look.  You don't have to sign up to read all the messages, and it is open to all and free of course.      http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/coralreef-freeforall/
     Cheers,  Doug

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