[Coral-List] talking about climate change and coral

Thomas Webler twebler at seri-us.org
Thu Mar 22 15:05:19 EDT 2012

As I reflect on this discussion about the Keystone pipeline and it's
relevance to corals, it occurs to me that, if we do have the opportunity to
speak on behalf of the scientific community about the impacts of climate
change for coral, we ought to get our speaking points straight.

Consequently, I'd be interested in collecting people's opinions about what
are the best and most current publications or on-line lectures (media,
governmental reports, international commissions, or journal articles) that
make the clearest and most reasonable (that is, not hyperbole) assessment
of what climate change (all stressors) means, *globally*, for coral reefs.

I understand that the answer(s) will depend on the intended audience, so
you might include that in your answer, i.e. high schools, joe&mary public,
college undergrads...  (Please keep it to global impacts, I can't take on
the responsibility of collating information on local or regional reef

If people respond to me personally by next week, I will summarize the
results for the listserve.

Thomas Webler
Research Fellow
Social & Environmental Research Institute
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