[Coral-List] Approaching game over

Jim Hendee jim.hendee at noaa.gov
Sat Mar 24 12:20:53 EDT 2012

This has been an interesting thread of chicken little and the little boy
who cried wolf, and basically of getting the populace and governments to
pay attention to where the environment is going.

Some of you out there who are also writers of fiction as well as science
(e.g., Gene Shinn and myself), might find this link interesting as we
discuss the fate of coral reefs and the world:


Here's a synopsis from the organizer:

*This anthology is about the future and how it can end at any second. It's
going to answer questions like: What will the future look like? How and
when will the world end? What happens after we die? Yep, really existential
stuff. It's going to contain glimpses of people's lives who are involved in
these events. This is why each contribution will be in 'flash' form,
meaning 100-2000 words. *
*For this project, I'll need WRITERS and ILLUSTRATORS. It’ll be quite
interactive. The rough genre is sci-fi, but the collection may include some
other elements at various points.*
*So perhaps some of you who know the power of a good story to relate
science to the masses, might want to consider something like this
approach.  It's not many words you have to write, but it's a challenge to
write something engaging in those few words.  You just might get your
message across from a little utilized channel.

Just an idea...

  Cheers, Jim


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