[Coral-List] Comparing diving destinations (SEA SNAKES)

Delbeek, Charles CDelbeek at calacademy.org
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Hi Keven, not sure this is "new" news. When I was at Waikiki Aquarium we
twice attempted to keep Pelamis that had been found washed up on a beach.
The first time we kept it alive for several months, and WAQ research
associate Jerry Crow had found evidence that they required freshwater, so
we used to create a freshwater lens on the surface once a week or so for
it to drink from. It eventually succumbed to some internal damage it
suffered when it was found washed up presumably. I don't remember if Jerry
found a reference to the freshwater or came up with the idea himself when
speaking with the vets at the Honolulu Zoo.

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>>    Harvey Lillywhite at U. of Florida, Gainesville has recently done
>> research demonstrating a paradigm shift:  apparently sea snakes do not
>> drink seawater as previously thought--rather they seek out freshwater
>> lenses.  Enjoy the following link in Science Daily:
>> http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/11/081106153629.htm
>>    It's now believed even the pelagic Pelamis will die in sea water from
>> dehydration after approximately three months if there is no rainfall on
>> sea's surface.

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