[Coral-List] New report announcement: Monitoring climate effects in temperate marine ecosystem

Alex Score alex.score at ecoadapt.org
Wed May 2 16:32:50 EDT 2012

We are pleased to let you know about a new report, *Monitoring Climate
Effects in Temperate Marine Ecosystems: A Test Case Using California’s
*,* which* *outlines a new and innovative framework for measuring climate
change effects and informing adaptive MPA management. The MPA Monitoring
Enterprise worked with EcoAdapt <http://www.ecoadapt.org> to develop an
approach to efficiently and effectively track climate change effects that
augments ongoing MPA monitoring. This information will not only aid in the
interpretation of MPA monitoring results, but also can be designed to
inform the management dialogue around potential climate change effects on
marine ecosystems and adaptation or mitigation measures. We hope that this
can lead to climate-savvy management for better future outcomes.

To view the full report go to


Alessandra Score, Scientist
alex at ecoadapt.org
Climate Change Adaptation Blog http://climate-adaptation.blogspot.com
Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange www.cakex.org
EcoAdapt www.EcoAdapt.org

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