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We are looking for someone who would be interested in helping to
lead a shark conservation expedition trip on a live aboard June
26 - July 6 to Layang Layang Malaysia - The trip is fully covered
- you'd just need to get airfare. We would need someone to assist
with shark counting, helping the passengers, doing presentations
and educating them about shark conservation, and shark status
around the world - working with me. If you are interested, please
let me know. This person would need to be an experienced scuba
diver.  Email me at [3]jamielynnpollack at gmail.com. You do not
need to be a shark scientist but interested in sharks.
June 26th – July 6th, 2012, Oriental Siren
10 nights in Layang Layang and the Spratly Island chain of
Shark Angels will host this Layang Layang trip and take divers on
a fantastic learning exploration all geared around sharks. In
addition to supporting the Shark Angels and gain insight into
their critical work, divers will have many opportunities to
celebrate and learn more about sharks – participating in fun
evening presentations geared around education and awareness, on
the topics of shark diving, shark biology, shark conservation and
even shark trivia. Divers will join the Angels on their programs
in Malaysia, including scientific assessments of shark
populations to feed into a campaign to increase shark protection
in Sabah. They will leave as Shark Angels, part of a growing
movement around the world acting locally to protect sharks.
Our objectives
·      To establish more data on the abundance of Layang Layang
Shark and Ray species.
·      To identify movement and residency patterns of key Shark
and Ray species along these offshore reefs.
·      To translate scientific findings into regional
conservation and management actions.

We will add our findings to the work of Prof Steve Oakley, Global
Shark Survey. His data that he has collected thus far has
persuaded the Sabah State government to look closely at sharks
and they have promised to ban shark fishing in 2012.  It will be
interesting to see what our numbers are in 2012 compared to last
years. The other bright spot is that several reefs have enough
sharks to justify a shark protection zone.  Not surprisingly many
of the shark populations are very close to dive resorts.  We are
trying to get several areas protected, consider diving with us
and help the sharks on your next dive trip.
Jamie Pollack


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