[Coral-List] Fw: Kido online petition to ban turtle hunting in Grenada!

Susan Hieter scubasuebh at yahoo.com
Thu May 24 23:56:46 EDT 2012

Hi everyone,

Please look this over, watch the video and if you feel moved sign the petition. Thank you.


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Subject: Kido online petition to ban turtle hunting in Grenada!

Hello from tiny Carriacou! 

We just launched our online petition for a total moratorium on turtle hunting in Grenada and we try to collect as many signatures as possible. We reached almost 4,000 in two days and hope to hit 10,000, on top of the signatures collected locally during 3 Turtle Awareness Days, one in Carriacou and two in Grenada in June.

Please see links below to the article, watch our new turtle rescue video and sign the petition!


Please pass it on and help us get many more signatures to reach our goal! 

Thank you and be well! 

Marina & Dario

Marina Fastigi, Ph.D.
Kido Foundation, director
Carriacou Island
Grenadines of Grenada
West Indies

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