[Coral-List] 82 Corals Status Review under the US Endangered Species Act

Joaquín Rodrigo Garza Pérez rgarza at ciencias.unam.mx
Wed May 30 14:15:42 EDT 2012

Dear Gene and coral-listers:
One anecdote/comment about M. ferox and A. lamarcki (aside from
whatever reasons the CBD may have or the opinion on the inclusion of
82 coral species in the Endangered species act): These two species
were a more or less common sight in reefs on the 45-70 ft range, along
the fringing reef system in Quintana Roo Mexico, 10 or 12 years ago.
Now it is very and i mean very rare to come across either of them.
I've noticed it because they are a couple of my favorite coral species
(aesthetically) and i've been missing them a lot! Most of the places I
dive have lost around 70-80% of their coral cover in this last decade
(from 35% to 7-8% of total coral cover), and many species like the
ones mentioned above, and the Scolymias, have become very rare.
Does this grant their inclusion on the Endangered species act? I don't
know... under the current situation in the world I would create an
"endangered ecosystems act" and that would be global, not only in US


Dr. Joaquin Rodrigo Garza Perez
UMDI-Sisal, Fac. de Ciencias, UNAM
Predicción Espacial, SIG y Percepción Remota

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>> I have no idea why Agaricia lamarcki or Mycetophyllia ferox are included on the list.
>>They certainly are not keystone reef builders, and I am certain they are
>> not threatened throughout their range.

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