[Coral-List] Climate Change, GBR, & Skeptic Conversion

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 2 08:38:11 EDT 2012

     * Agreed, it would be more appropriate to move this discussion to the
       coralreef freeforall.
     * Sorry  for the  intrusion,  but  one  more  parting  shot  from an
       apologetic layman.
     * I want to emphasize that the "reasonable position" on the outside is
       still focused on the "natural cycle".
     * Which means that you still have your work cut out for you . . . don't be
     * The recent "superstorm" although not proven to be linked to climate
       change, has produced converts and could be a game-changer.
     * I've  actually  heard  the terms climate change and sea level rise
       enter into the American political vernacular.
     * The  devastation  has brought  unity and civility (although likely
       only temporary) to a segment of the party divide.
     * I'm  guessing  that  there are  some  American politicians who now
       realize that they missed an opportunity by not daring to advocate for a
       more pro-active approach to climate change. They would have appeared
     * There is momentum to be had.


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