[Coral-List] Komodo Islands shallow-water species

Verena Wiesbauer Ali marinebiology.verena at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 00:20:47 EST 2012

Dear all,

Let me thank you for all the emails I received regarding the animal that
I'm trying to identify for a resort guest just from a description, no photo
available. I will be downloading photos of all and shall be showing them to
the guest next Sunday - I hope they will see me again and I will keep you
posted what's the mysterious animal actually is that they have seen.

Just to sum up your suggestions:
- Cestum veneris (Venus girdle), Ctenophora
- Synaptid Sea cucumber
- Ribbon "Bootlace" worm (Nemertea)
- Polychaete worm / spawning aggregations (egg/sperm chamber)
- Palolo worm hatch

Thanks again,


Verena Wiesbauer Ali, M.Sc.
Marine Biologist / Zoologist
Reef restoration & rehabilitation
EIA Consultant: EIA 18/11
Austria and Maldives

Dear all,

Hope to find someone from the Komodo Islands here or someone who's been
there and knows the answer to my question: Here in the Maldives, I've got a
resort guest who asked me about an animal that she has seen in the Komodo
Islands and never found what it actually was. So I let her describe it and
thought I would find it via my friend Google, but I couldn't!
According to her, it lives in shallow, knee-deep water, resembles a snake
or a "ribbon", is ca 2 cm high (don't know how long), in the centre
transparent, with pink outer lines... and "they were everywhere", so I
suppose the density of these animals must have been quite high.
Maybe there's anyone on the list who can tell me what it is! I'd appreciate

Verena <*))))><


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