[Coral-List] Coral projects on Scifund

Simon Donner simon.donner at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 12:20:13 EST 2012

The Scifund Challenge - an experiment to see if scientists can use
crowd-sourced funding to support their research - is on until the
middle of December. Among the dozens of great small projects, are
three in the area of coral reef research:

Ben Titus' "Sexy shrimp and a lot of tentacle love"

Salome Buglass' "Have Tobago's Corals survived mass bleaching?"

Clare Fieseler's "Climate-ready neighborhood for corals"

The projects all look to raise modest funds ($100s to $1000s) from a
large number of small personal donations, rather than one large sum
from a granting agency. It's worth taking a look, either to give
money, to spread the word, or to get ideas for your own future

Simon Donner

University of British Columbia
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