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The main reason that we collected the CoT specimens manually was that we needed them in the lab to study their gonads and their size frequencies. So, we had to collect them anyhow. Having said that, our financial resources were limited, which also forced us to go for the cheaper method (in our case, manpower was cheaper than buying equipment). Of course efficiency of different removal techniques is discussed in the paper.
For those who requested a pdf: 
I will send it as soon as I have it myself. Presently the paper is in press and only available as html. 
Regards. Arthur

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Why would you try to remove them instead of just killing them in situ with injection (for example with sodium bicarbonate).....according to your abstract even at the highest concentration of crown of thorns your efficiency at removal was only 14 starfish per hour of diving effort.....I would suspect that is hardly feasible in any major outbreak effort given typically limited resources.

Not meaning to be critical, just a curious question.


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Dear colleagues,
>Considering the recent crown-of-thorns outbreak in the GBR, I would like to bring the latest publication about this topic to your attention:
>Management of Crown-of-Thorns Sea Star (Acanthaster planci L.) Outbreaks: Removal Success Depends on Reef Topography and Timing within the Reproduction Cycle. Ocean and Coastal Management
>Although this publication describes smaller-scale outbreaks, it contains useful information and recommendations for the management of the recent outbreak in the GBR: Removal initiatives should primarily focus on isolated reefs, and, considering that the southern hemisphere populations will reproduce in 1-2 months, it is crucial that removal efforts will be initiated, performed, and/or intensified within the next couple of weeks.
>Feel free to contact me for more information.
>Regards. Arthur
>Dr. Arthur R. Bos
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