[Coral-List] A review of reef restoration and coral propagation using the threatened genus Acropora

Chelsey Young cyoung at rsmas.miami.edu
Mon Oct 15 14:43:07 EDT 2012

Dear Coral List,

A couple years ago, we sent out a project questionnaire and survey to coral restoration practitioners to gather collective information on the techniques, methodologies, results, challenges and recommendations regarding the propagation and restoration of threatened acroporid species in the Caribbean and western Atlantic. We received survey responses from 60+ practitioners and subsequently turned that information into a review paper that was recently published, and is currently this month's feature in the Bulletin of Marine Science. See the link below.


On behalf of myself and my co-authors (Stephanie Schopmeyer and Diego Lirman) we would like to sincerely thank all of the participants for filling out the survey and/or sending us their project information that made this review paper possible.

Thank you,
Chelsey Young

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