[Coral-List] On submission length and conciseness

David Obura dobura at cordioea.net
Fri Oct 19 02:48:32 EDT 2012

Dear Listers,

this is a non-coral topic, picking up on Jim's notes in Dean Jacobson's extremely heroic and necessary battle in Majuro. 

I'm afraid that I don't read most posts on some of the very interesting posts on the list because they are just ... TOO LOOOOOOONNGGG!!! (and repetitive of the same points already made on the topics). The discussion on the list would contribute so much more strongly to our common goal if, as Jim says, points would be summarized in bullets, and thoughts edited, rather than long stream-of-consciousness discourses. Some contributions are both informative and long, but most long ones are not. I really applaud the moderators for doing their job and actually posting them!!

7000 listers are not interested in detailed and massive 3-way discussions, but we ARE interested in the topics and issues being raised and I for one would love to read more, if the writers would just make it easier.

all best,


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