[Coral-List] More on D70 availability: Please read carefully.

John Ware jware at erols.com
Tue Oct 23 18:40:37 EDT 2012

  Dear List,

In my usual naive approach to life, I thought there would only be 1 or 2 
responses to my e-mail concerning the availability of a Nikon D70 with 
most of the housing.  However, I have received more than 100 requests 
thus far and the number is increasing.

Therefore, I am going to have to establish some rules or decision 
criteria that I will use to make the final decision:

1- Private individuals will not be considered.  Yes, I know that many 
who sent me e-mails are struggling PhD students (I was one once myself), 
but consider Rule 2.

2- Laboratories associated with universities or non-profit organizations 
are favored.  The reason for this rule is that those associations will 
provide benefits to more than one person.

3- Groups in developing countries are favored.  Yes, I know that your 
lab is also struggling for funding, but Miami is in better shape than 
lots of other places.

It is also important for me to reiterate that, once you receive the 
housing and the camera (plus some memory cards if I can find them), you 
still need to provide:

a- A port.  I suggest the Sea&Sea 56101.  It is ~US$300 new but you may 
be able to find one used somewhere.

b- A strobe and cord.  If you cannot find a used one, a strobe and cord 
for this housing/camera will be about US$600 new.

c- A lens and associated gear.  I have found that a moderate cost Nikon 
zoom lens (I use 28-80 mm) is a good utility lens for fish to pictures 
of quadrats.  Your should be able to find a used one for under $US100. 
 The gear is used to adjust the zoom from outside the housing.  The gear 
will probably cost ~ US100 or less.

So, total cost to get started will be ~US$1000 although, by careful 
shopping, or if you lab already has strobes and cords and lenses, cost 
will be considerable less.

If this cost is beyond your means, there is no point in going further.

Sorry, but I can't control costs.

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