[Coral-List] On submission length and conciseness

Jim Hendee jim.hendee at noaa.gov
Wed Oct 24 09:53:53 EDT 2012

Couple of bullets on this (trying to be succinct!):

  * I have no intention of eliminating job postings; however jobs must
    be coral-related.
  * Gene has a valid point, but I guess one of us moderators missed that
    one (I really don't think that happens too often).
  * He is also right that the long job descriptions is not cool--better
    to give a brief description and include a link and especially
    CONTACT INFORMATION for more information.
  * We no longer allow job seekers to post their resumes.  Do a search
    of the Coral-List archives if you are looking for a job (use this in
    your search engine,
    site:http://coral.aoml.noaa.gov/pipermail/coral-list/ jobs   (or
    position, or shinn, or whatever buzzword you're looking for)
  * The US Government Office of Personnel Management is the appropriate
    place to look for USG jobs.

On 10/22/12 12:10 PM, Eugene Shinn wrote:
> I noted that the long advertisement, "Biology Instructor position at 
> FIU" never mentioned coral or coral reefs once! Shouldn't we cut down 
> on the excessive use of the list for job announcements?...especially 
> those not associated with coral reefs. Gene

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