[Coral-List] Great Barrier Reef is rapidly loosing coral (Eugene Shinn)

Dishon L. Murage lionelmurage at yahoo.com
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Sorry,but my impression on the argument by Dr Stark is that its rather confusing and not well presented.Climate change is no longer an issue for discussion but a reality and engaging in an argument stating otherwise indicates a person who wants to draw attention to himself or someone who has strong vested interest that need protected by denying the reality.

That's my take on Dr Stark presentation.

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   1. Great Barrier Reef is rapidly loosing coral (Eugene Shinn)


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Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 12:26:14 -0400
From: Eugene Shinn <eshinn at marine.usf.edu>
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Dear listers, I just received a most interesting publication on the 
GBR situation. It is from Dr. Walter Stark who I briefly knew in the 
1960s when he was receiving his doctorate from the University of 
Miami.  Walter grew up in the Florida Keys and after receiving his 
degree sailed to Australia where he has remained as a researcher and 
Dive tour operator. Walter is an original and has been around longer 
than most Australian reef researchers. He received no government 
research funding and therefore has a decidedly different view of what 
is happening to the GBR. I know many readers will disagree but it may 
be worth examining his alternative view of what is happening on the 
GBR. Remember, I am just the messenger. Gene 

No Rocks, No Water, No Ecosystem (EAS)
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