[Coral-List] Great news from COLOMBIA to help to control the lionfish invasion in the Caribbean

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Fri Oct 26 09:57:04 EDT 2012

Dear All, The Involvement of the community of Fishermen is the key for lion fish control by promoting their local consumption of Lion Fish and their local and regional market.In Capurganá, Colombia our Foundation ICRI Colombia in Pro of Coral Reefs led the initiative to promote the consumption of lion fish since 2010 by providing environmental education and tasting opportunities to the kids of the school of this fishermen village. Now, two years after that We revisited the village founding that our efforts were succesful by involving the kids who where multipliers of knowledge to their families and now the reports prove that the population of lion fish is being diminished by permanent local catches for local and national consumption.. We are publishing (for details contact us by email) the results during the next GCFI meeting to be held in Santa Marta, Colombia).
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