[Coral-List] Great Barrier Reef is rapidly loosing coral

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   For the purpose of clarification.
     * I was referring to Dr. Walter Starck (not Stark).
     * I did not intend to caste aspersions, but he didn't strike me as a
       totally objective scientist.
     * I could be wrong.
     * Perhaps there are no objective scientists when it comes to climate
     * But I think there are.
     * For  purposes  of  disclosure,  I  tend to agree with this study's
     * http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2012/09/25/1208909109.full.pdf+html

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   > Gene,
   > Here is a brief and concise reaction to your post.
   > * I know you are just the messenger..
   > * But sometimes the messenger has an agenda.
   > * Do you find Dr. Stark's opinions most interesting simply because you
   > knew him and he receives no government funding?
   > * This is also most interesting. http://www.climateshifts.org/?p=5295
   > Respectfully,
   > Steve
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   > >Dear listers, I just received a most interesting publication on the
   > >GBR situation. It is from Dr. Walter Stark who I briefly knew in the
   > >1960s when he was receiving his doctorate from the University of
   > >Miami. Walter grew up in the Florida Keys and after receiving his
   > >degree sailed to Australia where he has remained as a researcher and
   > >Dive tour operator. Walter is an original and has been around longer
   > >than most Australian reef researchers. He received no government
   > >research funding and therefore has a decidedly different view of what
   > >is happening to the GBR. I know many readers will disagree but it may
   > >be worth examining his alternative view of what is happening on the
   > >GBR. Remember, I am just the messenger.. Gene
   > the-shark
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