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     * The sad thing is that what some here are referring to as the "reality of
       climate change" continues to be challenged by these forces despite the
       dubious nature of their arguments.
     * The extent of their effectiveness is revealed by the fact that no one
       was daring enough to even introduce climate change into our recent and
       rather combative national discourse for fear of alienating critical
       segments of political support.
     * Or  perhaps  what  we  regard  as rather inane narratives based on
       pseudo-science have become persuasive enough to relegate climate change
       to the list of issues considered not yet relevant.

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   >Subject: [Coral-List] DR. Starck conflict of interest? RE: Great Barrier
   Reef is rapidly loosing coral (Eugene Shinn)
   >I'd just like to add an interesting point to the topic - Dr. Starck heavily
   criticizes ecologists for what has been dubbed "getting rich" off their
   work. Dr. Starck states that lack of disclosure of conflicts of interests in
   funding that overshadows outcomes of studies: I would assume implying that
   one hand washes the other and resulting in some large scale conspiracy that
   governments  and  researchers  and managers all lie in the same bed to
   vindictively control access to resources?
   >Has  anyone  questioned  the  conflict  of interest from Dr. Starck's
   persepective? Among other great works and groups Dr. Starck has been a
   member of (he has spent a substantial effort extorting his life's works -
   which DO include a number interesting and novel works), he is a member of
   the Scientific Adivsory Panel of the Australian Climate Science Coalition,
   "a climate change skeptics website created by the the Australian Environment
   Foundation (AEF), a spin-off group created by the the corporate funded think
   tank, the Institute of Public Affairs."
   >Check out the Aust. Climate Science Coalition, interesting...
   >Institute of Public Affairs (for which Dr. Starck writes articles though I
   can't readily find a more solid connection) "...supports the free market of
   ideas,  the  free flow of capital, a limited and efficient government,
   evidence-based  public  policy,  the  rule  of law, and representative
   democracy." http://ipa.org.au/about
   >Supposedly, the IPA is well connected to big corporate donors: "The IPA
   funded  by  its  membership which include both private individuals and
   businesses..  Among  these  businesses are ExxonMobil,[4] Telstra, WMC
   Resources, BHP Billiton, Phillip Morris,[5] Murray Irrigation Limited,[6]
   and Visy Industries.. IPA donors have also included Clough Engineering,
   Caltex,  Shell  and Esso..[7] Other donors were electricity and mining
   companies, as well as British American Tobacco (BAT).[7]" The IPA also has
   ties to American think-tanks such as the Heartland Institute.
   >One can keep searching for hours to try to find the ties between climate
   change-denial webs; one thing is certain though, Dr. Starck has his own
   agenda,  and  doesn't  seem to back it up with research, just personal
   >Thanks for reading my rant (or continuous cut and pastes from various
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   (Eugene Shinn)
   >Sorry,but my impression on the argument by Dr Stark is that its rather
   confusing and not well presented.Climate change is no longer an issue for
   discussion but a reality and engaging in an argument stating otherwise
   indicates a person who wants to draw attention to himself or someone who has
   strong vested interest that need protected by denying the reality.
   >That's my take on Dr Stark presentation.
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   >From: Eugene Shinn
   >Subject: [Coral-List] Great Barrier Reef is rapidly loosing coral
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   >Dear listers, I just received a most interesting publication on the
   >GBR situation. It is from Dr. Walter Stark who I briefly knew in the
   >1960s when he was receiving his doctorate from the University of
   >Miami. Walter grew up in the Florida Keys and after receiving his
   >degree sailed to Australia where he has remained as a researcher and
   >Dive tour operator. Walter is an original and has been around longer
   >than most Australian reef researchers. He received no government
   >research funding and therefore has a decidedly different view of what
   >is happening to the GBR. I know many readers will disagree but it may
   >be worth examining his alternative view of what is happening on the
   >GBR. Remember, I am just the messenger. Gene
   >No Rocks, No Water, No Ecosystem (EAS)
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