[Coral-List] climate change and the sun

Thomas Webler twebler at seri-us.org
Wed Oct 31 18:34:53 EDT 2012

Dear Mr. Raymond,

As one of the vast majority of scientists who have examined the science
behind the causes and effects of global climate change, I want to assure
you that humans *are* changing the atmosphere and that these changes
*are*resulting in changes in precipitation, temperature, and the
severity of
storms.  The changes in solar luminosity have been studied and found to be
insufficient to cause the changes in warming that we are measuring.

I have to be blunt and say that you are wrong and, that promoting false
understandings encourages society to continue to fail to act to remedy our
effect.  The consequence is that we will not leave our children a world
that is as beautiful, benevolent, or safe as the world our forefathers left
us.  If you are a scientist, you need to look at the data, not just the
politics.  If you are not a scientist, you should take your contributions
to a political space.

Tom Webler

Thomas Webler
Research Fellow
Social & Environmental Research Institute
Suite 404
278 Main Street
Greenfield MA 01370 USA

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