[Coral-List] Remote sensing, conservation, and sustainable resource apps?

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Dear Anjali
Nice to hear about you #mapping the changes#.
We just ended a 4 year pilot program to map the seagrass in the south of Tunisia (+/- 3,4 million ha), part via direct methods, and part with remote sensing (Side scan sonar and sate images) and when discussing the results we also provided the total value that such marine habitat was able to provide for Tunisian economy per year using #plan blue# data (only fishing services where estimated because figures from fishing from Posidonia meadows were available on the unep / plan bleue papers)   
But that's don't be really important unless future policy for marine management take into account such figures in the annual balance sheet of the Tunisian economy. Furthermore benefits for local stakeholders is not yet fully understood nor it's translated in the fields.

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Dear Colleagues

Yes, RS technologies may be used in conservation and sustainable use of resources. I have been doing the same for Indian coastal habitats for last
20 yrs. *We map the change*s, the improvement or degradation over time of various habitats of the coast, like coral reefs, mangroves and seagrass, etc., and ascertain the causes. We have also assessed the health of the critical and vital coastal habitats all using Rs technology. Models have also been prepared to sustainable manage these resources with RS & GIS being the main tools.

Anjali Bahuguna
On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 6:13 PM, Frank Muller-Karger
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>    Dear colleagues:
>    Can we use our science and remote sensing technologies in 
> conservation and
>    sustainable use of resources? NASA is interested in addressing issues in
>    biodiversity, sustainability and conservation biology using remote 
> sensing
>    technologies. A group of researchers has been asked to work with their
>    different science communities to help define the top 10 questions 
> for which
>    solutions would require remote sensing methods.
>    If  you  could,  please  send  ideas on questions directly relevant to
>    conservation  (and  specifically  not  on  questions  of technological
>    advancements) before September 15. If it is easier to provide input by
>    phone, let me know and let's coordinate a phone call.
>    Our specific guidance is that questions should be:
>    ·         dependent on remote sensing technologies to answer
>    ·         answerable through a realistic research design
>    ·         allow a factual answer that does not depend on value
> judgments
>    ·         address important gaps in conservation knowledge
>    ·         not formulated as a general topic area
>    ·         not answerable with “it all dependsâ€
>    ·         unlikely to be answerable with yes or no
>    Some guidance on what this group would be looking for can be found in:
>    Sutherland, W. J., Adams, W. M., Aronson, R. B., Aveling, R., 
> Blackburn, T.
>    M.,  Broad,  S., Ceballos, G., et al. (2009). One Hundred Questions of
>    Importance  to  the  Conservation  of  Global    Biological Diversity.
>    Conservation Biology, 23(3), 557-567
>    Thank you very much for your feedback.
>    Best regards,
>    Frank
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