[Coral-List] Crazy Ideas to Save Coral Reefs

Judith Lang jlang at riposi.net
Wed Sep 5 10:18:12 EDT 2012

Many of us subscribe to this list because we love being in the water for research, monitoring, education, photography and/or simple joy. For some of us, however, the travel involved in getting from our home bases to the field and back again via land, air and/or sea releases a huge amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Tank fills are another source of carbon emissions specific to all who scuba dive. 

Perhaps it's time to boldly suggest that we take more seriously our contribution to global warming. Are we prepared to require governments, foundations, NGOs , or even ourselves, to purchase offsets to balance the carbon emissions associated with our diving, given that doing so might well come out of the funding for our own activities?

Individuals may be hesitant to ask potential funders to budget this additional expense if its cost hasn't already been internalized by the whatever funding organization. Knowing which organizations already are doing so might be a useful  "negotiating strategy." I've heard of a few, and hope there are more of which I am unaware. 

All those receiving funding for carbon offsets associated with their professional work are encouraged to send me an email describing how this was accomplished and with which organization. I'd like to collate and share the responses with the coral-list.

Those heros amongst us who are personally offsetting their own carbon emissions for either work or pleasure are also asked to let me know. 

Advance many thanks,
Judy Lang

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