[Coral-List] Non-lethal Parrotfish Sampling Techniques

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We commonly catch parrotfish at night while they sleep using a fish landing
net and piece of 1/2" pvc pipe for a poker.  Net is similar to
http://www.memphisnet.net/category/nets_dip_landing.  Find a sleeping fish,
put the net in front of them, and gently move it over their head.  Use the
poker to "goose" them into the net if needed.  Get a fairly deep net if
possible so you can twits the top to close the fish in while you swim back
to the boat.

Good luck!


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Hello Coral-Listers,

I am looking for tried and tested techniques or experiences  for catching
parrotfish (specifically targeting Stoplight parrotfish - Sparisoma viride)
without causing any harm (i.e. catch and release).

Any ideas or advice would be most welcome. Thanks in advance.

Andrzej Narozanski
Centro de Ecologia Marina
Oficina 401-403 Edificio Florencia
Bulevard Suyapa

andrzej at utilaecology.org

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